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Pralash + Aromatic Hair Growth Essential Oil - Rapid Hair Growth 30ml


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Derma Roller Serums & Essences

For best results from your derma rolling treatments, we recommend combining its use with the appropriate Post Derma Rolling Serum. The rolling process opens the skin pores, but it is the serums that provide the required nourishment to the skin. Rich in vitamins, the serums can boost the process of the skin revitalisation by restoring its suppleness.


Pralash + Aromatic Hair Growth Essential Oil 30ml  

  • Promotes rapid hair growth
  • Minimises additional hair loss
  • Stimulates blood flow throughout scalp
  • Regenerates ageing cells
  • Formula derived from 100% plant extracts for fine hair re-growth
  • Ingredients: Rosemary, Rosewood Angelica, Shouwu, Jojoba Oil, Cypress, Patchouli