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KUPA Dipfinity Complete Dip Powder Starter Kit ● USA Leading Nail eFile Co.

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KUPA Incorporated is the leading manufacturer of Electric Nail Files AKA Nail Drills for professional Nail Technicians!!

The KUPA name is synonymous with high-quality electric nail filing equipment, nail products and other essential nail tools.

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KUPA Professional Nail System 

 KUPA DipFinity Complete Dipping Powder Starter Kit  

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14 days of high-gloss, chip-free wear
Strengthens nails
Flawless, lightweight & natural looking
Longer lasting nails
Easy to use & fast to apply 
Over 50 colours available
Soak off Dip System

Kit Inclusions

All items are full sized (not trial)

1 x DipFinity Dehydrator #1 (14.8ml) 

1 x DipFinity Primer #2 (14.8ml)

1 x DipFinity LED/UV Adhesive Step #3 (14.8ml)

2 x TripTych Coloured Powders: ‘Beehive Harlot’ & ‘Heartbeat’ (28g)

1 x DipFinity LED/UV Top Gloss Step #4 (14.8ml)

20 x Disposable Dipping Trays


Please Note: Directions for use are on side of kit!


Out with the old way of dipping with cyanoacrylate, and in with the new LED/UV Adhesive from KUPA! 

A nail dip system you and your clients are sure to love!

Included in the DipFinity Starter Kit are 2 TripTych Coloured Powders in full 1oz sizes!

The two perfectly paired shades in your DipFinity Starter Kit will create beautiful DipFinity nails. 

KUPA has 50 colours, with 5 complete collections to add to your line of DipFinity colours!