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OPI GelColor Professional Dual Cure LED Nail Light /Lamp Dryer ● Cures all Shellac & Gel Products

$319.95 $349.95

OPI  Gelcolor Professional Dual Cure 

LED Light Nail Dryer


  • 32 LED lights or complete 5 finders, 30s curing
  • Adjustable settings for 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds
  • Hand-sensor activated
  • Digital Timer
  • Manual On/Off button
  • Space saving design
  • Durable and acetone resistant
  • Dual light wavelengths designed to work optimally with the OPI ProHealth Base and Top Coat System and all OPI GelColor shades
  • Designed to cure OPI GelColor, Axxium gel systems, Shellac, Soak-Off Gel and all other UV/LED Gel Brands
  • Magnetic hand plate easily removes for use with pedicures
  • Manual operation mode
Please Note:
Lamps come with free AU Adaptor