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CND Shellac Gel Polish CHIC Trial Pack Kit


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On like Polish

Wears like Gel   

Off in minutes 


Chic Starter Kit Inclusions:


CND Shellac Base Coat 7.3ml  
CND Shellac Cream Puff 7.3ml  
CND Shellac Romantique 7.3ml  

CND Shellac Tropix 7.3ml  

CND Shellac Wildfire 7.3ml  
CND Shellac Top Coat 7.3ml  
ScrubFresh 59ml  
CuticleAway 177ml  
SolarOil 7.3 ml
Pure Isopropyl Alcohol 59ml  
CND Shellac Nourishing Remover 59ml  
Kanga File 240/240 grit
Orangewood Stick 
Brochure & CND Shellac Certification Flyer 



Note-(UV Lamp sold separately).