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Tattoo Goo - Renew SPF50+ Lotion 59.15ml

Tattoo Goo - Renew SPF50+ Lotion 59.15ml


 Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 50+

For the Life of your Tattoo

Revives old Tattoos

Brings dull Tattoos back to life

Keeps new Tattoos vibrant

Enhances Tattoo Colour

Protects fading from harmful UV rays.

  • Now with SPF 50+ to prevent anti-fading from harmful UV rays
  • 95% natural Olive Oil Formula Vitamin A, D and E enriched
  • Lanolin and Petroleum Free
  • Provides occlusive healing barrier           
  • Will not clog pores           
  • Promotes faster healing time
  • Super emollient formula
  • Rejuvenates and enhances older tattoo colours
  • Moisturises to bring out colour
  • Improves skin tension to look younger
  • Silky texture, non-greasy, easy to apply
  • Works well for sunburn, windburn, cuts and scrapes.