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Dr Roller Derma Roller - 8-Line 2.0mm


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Dr. Roller Derma Roller System

Australia’s only Authorised Distributor


Dr Roller is the most outstanding and sophisticated Derma Roller available in the skin needling market.

Dr. Roller’s needle is high-grade medical stainless steel and requires precise manufacturing. Their needle provides a better result than any other derma roller that exists in the market place today and comes highly recommended by top dermatologists.

Dr Roller is available in two different head types.

The 8-Line Dr Roller is best for treating all body and facial skin areas.

The 3-Line Dr Roller is best suited for the hard to reach areas like around the lips, eyes, nose, etc.



  • Removing and treating stretch marks
  • Treating acne scars, ice pick scars and chickenpox scars
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment or anti-ageing
  • Restoring hair loss
  • Treating or reducing cellulite

Authenticity Guarantee

To protect our customers and our brand quality, all our product lines will have a HiddenTag®, a product certification solution. This solution allows simple product verification with any smart phone, ensuring that you purchased our genuine product.


How to verify the Authenticity tag on my product?

Each tag on the products is all different. With the combination with the Hologram uniquely generated tag, the tag is un-copiable and un-forgeable.

By scanning the tag with the HiddenTag® application, the app finds out whether the product is genuine from our warehouse. Only those original tags will be able to pass this scanning. The Dr. Roller tag is located on the outside of the product packaging box which acts as a seal for the product (refer to images).  

Remember, only the official HiddenTag® application can scan the tag!